Libra Engineering Pte Ltd


Libra Engineering Pte Ltd (“Libra Engineering”) was set up in 2005 to undertake the ACMV duct manufacturing component of our business and has since grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of ACMV ducts and accessories in Singapore. Over the years, Libra Engineering has built strong brand equity for ACMVrelated products, including LibraSeal, LibraAire, Libra Flex, Libra Wool, Libra Fibre Glasswool, Libra Aluminium Foil Tape and Libra Gasket Tape brands. Currently, its products are for both in-house use as well as sale to third party contractors, including main contractors and sub-contractors in the construction industry.

The Company remains focused on ensuring high product quality and reliable customer deliveries. Our manufacturing segment complements our M&E services segment, giving us a competitive edge. The Company is ISO 9001:2008 and bizSAFE certified, underlining our unwavering commitment to quality, workplace safety and health.

Libra Engineering received the 2013 Singapore Excellence Award for having demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in the business field.